The LAPF funds programs geared toward strengthening cooperative relationships between the LAPD and the many diverse communities of Los Angeles it serves in order to foster partnerships that enhance communication, trust, and public safety, including:

  • The Valley CARES (Crisis and Recovery Services) Family Justice Center, a centralized service center for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault that connects victims with advocates and resources to help navigate the complex judicial process.
  • The annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast, which celebrates the life and legacy of the influential civil rights leader, in order to affirm the important and positive relationship between the LAPD and the city’s African-American community.
  • A public service announcement campaign in response to a rise in incidences of “date rape” connected to the nightclubs throughout Los Angeles that serves to educate the community on the prevention of sexual assaults.
  • iWATCH, iREPORT, I KEEP US SAFE (iWATCH), a community awareness program created to educate the public about behaviors and activities that may have a connection to terrorism. iWATCH asks that the public to report behavior and activities that are unusual or seem out of the ordinary.